XcelABLE Logo Mark
XcelABLE Logo Mark


Creative Director / Lead Designer

XcelABLE is more than an exercise app. The goal of CEO Lisa Fitzpatrick is to create a workplace injury prevention solution from the palm of your hand. Lisa and I work closely to create a clean, modern design that portrays authority while not being stuffy. My role has led me to write copy, record voice-over, edit promotional videos, design & implement collateral websites, and help usher in the app by working hand-in-hand with the developers.


XcelABLE old logo to new logo
One project assigned to me was tackling a complete rebrand of the company to make it more graphically clean and modern. The ultimate goal is to give XcelABLE more strength and presence in the field.
XcelABLE Rebrand Source
My process for creating the logo fell to these three principles: we are the experts; we will help you achieve your goal; and with us, you will break your boundaries.
XcelABLE Logo Breakdown
And thus, a brand was reborn.

The App

Working closely with the developers, I have been helping usher in our app. Our goal is to give each user an easy navigation experience, while also offering quality physical fitness content to help reduce workplace injuries. A daily health check allows for our users to keep track of where they are both physically and mentally so that if help is needed, it can be spotted and easily sought out.


As the company grows, so does the need for marketing material and event collateral. Here are some examples of forms, flyers, and other event collateral that have been created to help promote the company and get people healthy.

Promo Videos

One of the great joys I’ve had working with XcelABLE is creating promotional content. For these promos, my responsibilities included: writing the content, recording the voice-over, compiling the imagery, and editing the videos – usually under very tight timelines. The examples below are recent videos that have been put together to promote our platform.