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Creative Director / Lead Designer

For the last 5 years I have worked for Celerium and its production company subsidiary Nuevo Global Productions (NGP). As Creative Director I have worked closely with the Senior VP of Marketing and General Manager to conceive and create all marketing and advertising materials. This includes, but is not limited to, website, website support graphics, print & digital collateral, advertising, and webinar & live broadcast graphics. In addition, I have been tasked with maintaining the consistency of the brand across all social and physical media.

Corporate Style Guides

Style Guides are the backbone of a company’s marketing. Without them the much needed brand consistency would be lost and confusion would reign. No one wants that. At least, no sane person. Here are a couple examples of what I created for Celerium & Nuevo Global Productions.

Digital & Print Collateral

Celerium’s presence is primarily online, however we do create collateral for distribution and advertising. Here are some examples of the collateral that I’ve created that is used to disseminate Celerium’s messaging.

Promo Videos

As my duties and responsibilities have grown, from time to time I have been asked to put together concepts for promos. Here is quick product “commercial” that I put together utilizing skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects.

Digital & Social Media Advertising

Another of my responsibilities is to create and implement all social media and digital advertising. Below is a sampling of the work that I have created for Celerium’s various products and solutions.

Webinar & Live Show Graphics

As part of my work with Celerium & NGP I am responsible for the creation of all production Full Screen Slides. Over the last few years we have produced 50+ cybersecurity-focused webinars and live shows – for which I was solely responsible for all imagery. Here are select examples of Full Screen Slides I’ve created.